Reading Through Critical Lens

When I read myself through the Freudian/Psychoanalytical Lens, I see a battle. I do have represented desires. I do have overwhelming fears, my fear is falling, failing at something, giving up, and losing someone that is so close to me. These desires and fears affect me because it determines the type of choses that I make in my life. Which way am I willing to go, and what sacrifices and I willing to make. I do have tensions in my life that has been a result in a childhood experience. These childhood memories affect me because I now have learned from my mistakes and now I know what is wrong and what is right.


Reading Myself Through Criticla Lens

When I read myself and my life through the Myth and Archetypal Lens, I see myself living through a myth that I didn’t even know existed. When I look deeper I into this lens, I see myself reflected more in the Medusa Myth. I chose the Medusa myth because it has to do with the certain double. The archetypes that I chose is Good vs. Evil, Person vs. Person and seeing through clear glass.

Reading Myself Through Critical Lens

When I read myself though the Marxist Lens, I see a struggle. I belong to middle class. I think that my social class affects me because I never want to be broke , but then again nobody does. Of course almost everyone wants to be rich, but I just think the most difficult time is trying to get there. Yes, I am able to have plenty of privileges with the class that I’m living in, but only to a certain extinct. I’m not always to get everything that I want, but I have everything that I need. I don’t have a problem remaining in the social class, but I would like to move up.

Reading Myself Through The Crtical Lens

When I read myself through the Feminist, Gender, or Queer (Sexual Orientation) Lens, I see that I do not always follow what should be expected of women in society today. I am impacted my the limitations of women in the society today. I feel like we sometimes have to live up to a certain quality. Women in the media are often portrayed as sex symbols and are often known as nothing else. Not all women feel beautiful and feminine inside that’s why they choose to be a different gender. Women don’t always be beat with make-up , or half naked to be beautiful. Beauty come from deep within, and that is where it starts. This lens have made a big impact on girls lives today. They believe that they have to live up to a certain standard in order to be accepted. Girls have to be more accepting to themselves and dress and look a certain way that makes them feel beautiful.

Reading Myself Through The Critical Lens

When I read myself and my life through the New Historism, I see me experiencing and coming across certain conflicts in life because of religion and culture. I am from a neighborhood called Olney. I think that has a strong impact on my life. It impacts my life because most likely in life, people are always judged on where they come from. It could determine what schools you will attend in life, what future neighborhoods you might moved too, or even what jobs you will have. My religion has not really made a huge impact on my life. I think if I start to learn more about it then maybe it will help me with where I am going in life.

Reading Myself Through The Critical Lenses

When I read myself and my life through the Reader Response Lens I see myself trying to make a connection between myself and the text. I think I am a person with big dreams. A person waiting for her perfect time to shine. I see myself as a helpful person. I person that’s always willing to step in so that everything will be okay. What stands out in my life are things that I have accomplished. When I look back at those things it pushes me to go forward in life. To remind myself that you have done too much, and have come to far to turn back on something will make me better in life.

This Doube Trippin Ego

Hello there. Yea you. The one who loves to take control. The say I shouldn’t do that. I think I’ll take the chance. Be brave enough. But you helped me right? What I did was wrong. Was it me or was it you? I’m not even sure. Or are you just a habit. That I picked up on the side. Let me know. Next time you make a decision. Let me know. I’ll be waiting for you again. Why please tell me why are you here? No one accepts you? Is it that you are not what is expected. Or are you the other. The double of who I truly am. But why must we be so different. Two totally differententer mind sets. Different actions. Different thoughts. If only we were something more. More than just 1 body sharing two souls. You hold all my true inspirations. My true dreams. More like my secret diary. Holding on to things so special. Others shall not see. The other side of me. This ego. This double. This piece of evil. That others shall call it. But that just means that they just truly don’t know me. The me hiding inside. Waiting to come out. To bloom Be more than just the word evil. But the real me