Thematic Topic

My thematic topic is Friendship. I selected this thematic topic because I always struggled with friendship through my childhood. This is important to me because while growing up this became more and more challenging. When I think of this thematic topic, I think of hurt, betrayal and trust. It brings back many childhood memories. I think of friends bonding, shopping together, having fun, and just doing what they do best. I love the idea of friendship. It just makes me happy to know that their can be someone in your life that understands you, and will be there through thick and thin.


I am Tybria

ImageI am Tybria Brooks , My future goals is to graduate high school , finish college and be an entrepreneur . I am from Philadelphia , Pennsylvania . My life is great. Try to live everyday to the fullest , and start everyday with a smile. I believe in dreams . I believe that you will not be successful without education . I believe that second chances are possible , and everyone makes mistakes.I don’t have much experience in photography but i love poetry . Poetry allows me to just free my thoughts and visions.