This Doube Trippin Ego

Hello there. Yea you. The one who loves to take control. The say I shouldn’t do that. I think I’ll take the chance. Be brave enough. But you helped me right? What I did was wrong. Was it me or was it you? I’m not even sure. Or are you just a habit. That I picked up on the side. Let me know. Next time you make a decision. Let me know. I’ll be waiting for you again. Why please tell me why are you here? No one accepts you? Is it that you are not what is expected. Or are you the other. The double of who I truly am. But why must we be so different. Two totally differententer mind sets. Different actions. Different thoughts. If only we were something more. More than just 1 body sharing two souls. You hold all my true inspirations. My true dreams. More like my secret diary. Holding on to things so special. Others shall not see. The other side of me. This ego. This double. This piece of evil. That others shall call it. But that just means that they just truly don’t know me. The me hiding inside. Waiting to come out. To bloom Be more than just the word evil. But the real me


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