Reading Myself Through The Crtical Lens

When I read myself through the Feminist, Gender, or Queer (Sexual Orientation) Lens, I see that I do not always follow what should be expected of women in society today. I am impacted my the limitations of women in the society today. I feel like we sometimes have to live up to a certain quality. Women in the media are often portrayed as sex symbols and are often known as nothing else. Not all women feel beautiful and feminine inside that’s why they choose to be a different gender. Women don’t always be beat with make-up , or half naked to be beautiful. Beauty come from deep within, and that is where it starts. This lens have made a big impact on girls lives today. They believe that they have to live up to a certain standard in order to be accepted. Girls have to be more accepting to themselves and dress and look a certain way that makes them feel beautiful.


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